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Reservoir Static Modeling Software Course

We offer a hands-on computer course to build static models of a reservoir using GeolOil software. The course teaches with real data how to use and run the modules. Although a full comprehension of GeolOil software takes time to master, the course is a big help.

The complete GeolOil course requires an intense full 5 week days to cover all the modules. However, companies with tight schedule prefer a custom designed course suited to their needs in 3-4 days.

Objectives: To provide the participant the basic concepts of Static Reservoir Modeling in such a way that the participant in the course acquires fundamental tools and skills to immediately use the GeolOil software with real project data.

Profile of the participant: Geomodelers, geologists, petrophysicists, petroleum engineers, related professionals and advanced technicians interested in building static reservoir models and its concepts.

  1. Building a first basic map from intrinsic 2D data
    1. Examining the data
    2. Running the map
    3. Exporting the map to different formats:
      • Postscript vectorial format
      • PDF vectorial format
      • Pixelar images formats: PNG, JPG, etc.
    4. Changing display parameters
      • Interpolation ranges
      • Color scale

  2. Plotting a LAS well log file
    1. Loading LAS files
    2. Examining log sections: Mnemonics curves, well info, and parameters
    3. Examining curve extremes, histograms and tabular view.
    4. Defining tracks and plots of the curves

  3. Exploring intrinsic 3D data
    1. Examining a directional survey deviation well path trajectory
    2. Examining an environment facies file per well
    3. Master index file for the wells
    4. Computing slices of isochore reservoir thickness
    5. Computing thicknesses per facies

  4. 3D slicing of a reservoir and petrophysical summaries
    1. Loading well coordinates, KB, tops, LAS files and facies.
    2. Specifying a LAS log mnemonics dictionary
    3. Compute summaries of the properties:
      • Net-thickness
      • Net-pay
      • Continuous-pay
      • Porosity for reservoir rocks
      • Water saturation for reservoir rocks
      • Coalescence between adjacent layers and reservoirs

  5. Mapping of petrophysical summaries
    1. Loading petrophysical summaries for mapping
    2. Mapping petrophysical properties
    3. Changing parameters, interpolation ranges and color scales

  6. Digitizing a map
    1. Digitize map elements:
      • Well coordinates
      • Geographical data, rivers, etc.
      • Lease polygon outlines
      • Fault polygons
      • Contours
    2. Export map elements into plain ASCII files

  7. Basics of structural mapping
    1. Defining elements:
      • Well tops
      • Well deviation survey files
      • Fault polygons
      • Import optional external contouring trends
    2. Exporting the map onto a grid
    3. Exporting the computed contours

  8. Stress Field Tensor Estimation
    1. Basic concepts
    2. Well directional data
    3. Magnitudes of principal stresses
    4. Estimating directions of the minimum horizontal stress
    5. Visualizing stress tensor heterogeneity pseudo-turbulence

  9. Technology Screening and Uncertainty
    1. Defining elements:
      • Basic concepts
      • How to incorporate the screening variables
      • Basics of the GeolOil scripting language
    2. A first screening:
      • Defining the screening criteria
      • Programming user own criteria and algorithms
      • Building a map with screening region results
      • Compute uncertainty maps of properties, P10, P25, P50, P75 and P90

  10. 3D Geocellular modeling
    1. Defining elements:
      • Basic concepts of geomodeling
      • Structural framework
      • Reservoir properties
    2. A first 3D model
      • Assembling all elements
      • Compute a Corner Point Geometry Grid
      • Exporting the grid to commercial simulators
    3. Completions scheduling
      • Loading perforation data
      • Loading date scheduling time
      • Computing 3D well cell navigation
      • Exporting results to commercial simulators

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