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Free trial Well Logging Software Downloads

15 days free trial license: Apply to download (non commercial use)

These lightweight licenses have most of the features of commercial licenses. You can save all your work as GeolOil formatted GLOGTM files. Functionality to export built plots and LAS files to external software is not supported in these minimalist licenses. Furthermore, plot outputs have water-marks. These licenses are ideal for users who want to quickly explore and evaluate the LAS GeolOil modules.

To apply for free trial license, the user must belong to a company or organization that satisfies two conditions:

  • The company or organization must have a Web Site.
  • Your email must match the URL company web site. It can not be generic. (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, msn, etc.) Please don't insist.

Then send us an email with the following items to (make sure you white-list emails coming from to receive our answer):

  1. Your full name and position.
  2. Company name and department.
  3. Web site URL.
  4. Country and location.

In our sole discretion, your application does not guarantee that we will grant you a free trial license.

31 days license (non commercial use)

These affordable licenses are fully featured and support all the functionality to export built plots and LAS files to external software. There are no water-marks in the produced plots. These licenses are ideal for users exploring in detail the LAS GeolOil modules, or do some short term non commercial work. Any user can acquire a one time only license. Afterwards, the user may buy a regular license.

One time license

When you click on the "Buy Now" button below, you will be redirected to the safe and secure PayPal payment gateway. Your installation is 100% guaranteed or your is money back. After payment you will immediately receive instructions to install and run your license.

Regular licenses (valid for commercial use)

Regular licenses are fully featured and are the only ones allowed to be used in commercial projects. There are no restrictions in these licenses. They can be leased for periods of time, renewed or purchased as perennial licenses.


  • All GeolOil petrophysics software runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux. However, we only offer support for Windows. Just make sure you have official java-8 JDK 64 bits installed on your system (for instance, something like jdk-8u*-windows-x64.exe for a Windows 64 bits system).

  • Unless you buy a perennial license, all trial and lease licenses require an internet connection for authentication. Please be aware that tight internet firewalls could affect downloading, updating and authentication. All those restrictions disappear when you buy a standalone perennial license.

LAS modules:

  1. LAS Editor
    This module allows to fully edit LAS files: curve values, mnemonic names, well and parameter sections, export curves, import curves, import core data, remove curves, add curves, reorder curve positions, overlay curves, generate TVD depth curves, generate TVD-SS depth curves, and more.

    The module also allows to re-sample LAS files to change to a higher or lower depth step resolution, and merge several LAS files with their curves into a single new consolidated LAS file with the desired resolution, start and stop depths. Our exclusive matrix cell style editor allows to enter or remove individual curve values at hand, and even shift curves and core data in depth to match log MD curves.

  2. LAS Plotter
    This module allows to plot LAS files, define the well stratigraphy, the well path through its directional survey file, the well surface location in Google Maps, and display the log curves and zones. It has capabilities to shade zones, handle transparency, and even to measure TVD distances between zones for non vertical wells. Its use is very intuitive and simple, yet powerful.

  3. LAS Upscaling and Sequential Petrophysical Functions
    This module allows to produce petrophysical summaries. You can compute and adjust petrophysical cutoffs, upscale porosity, water saturation, calculate Net-Pay, Net-Sand, formation water resistivity Rw and Cementation exponent "m" easily and more.

    The Sequential Petrophysical Functions tab allows to compute log functions specifying a dependency order to update the model. Besides standard formulas for Vshale, Porosity, Water Saturation and more, the module adds curve transforms for kernel smoothing, interpolation, algebraic functions, curves overlay and more.

  4. LAS Scripting
    Advanced petrophysical interpreters with minimum basic notions of programming can write their own algorithms and formulas to produce custom computations are interpretations.

Features of LAS well logs modules

No. LAS log Feature LAS Editor LAS Plotter Functions & Upscaling
1. Edit LAS files Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
2. Re-sample LAS files resolution Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
3. Merge LAS files and curves Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
4. Table view with color scale values Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
5. GLS Petrophysics Scripting Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
6. Define Tracks with curves - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
7. Define well stratigraphy - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
8. Display log curves and fillings - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
9. Export raster curves display - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
10. Sequential Petrophysical Functions - - Yes checkmark
11. Porosity and Water Sat. Upscaling - - Yes checkmark
12. NetPay, NetSand, Hydroc. column - - Yes checkmark
13. Rw by Hingle method - - Yes checkmark
14. Cementation m by GeolOil method - - Yes checkmark

By downloading the software, you agree with GeolOil privacy policy, terms and conditions.

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