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GeolOil LAS well logs viewer, editor and plotter.

"I would also like to say that this program is amazing. I spent full days looking for a LAS reader and GeolOil prevailed with a truly outstanding product."

Marden Wark. Petroleum Geoscientist. NSW Government, Department of Trade and Investment. Australia.

Our user friendly LAS well logs reader, editor, viewer and plotter provides a quick and easy, yet powerful tool to open, visualize, change curve values, and plot well log petrophysics data. Get industry standard displays of your .las format files columns immediately.

You do not have to be an expert petrophysicist or geologist to produce professional displays of your logs. You can visualize and edit all the curves section, define tracks and fillings, parameters, well identification and other information. A handy Table View feature that helps to identify extreme data values and outliers.

Immediately view what curves are available in the LAS file and freely rename or edit their mnemonics, units and descriptions. The curves panel also shows Import and Export curve buttons to merge curves from dissimilar LAS file sources with different depth steps. The user also has handy buttons that allow to shift curves upwards or downwards, necessary to match core data with log data.

The figure below shows the Curves Section panel editor.

GeolOil view of LAS well log curves section.

Get an immediate GeolOil's exclusive tabular view display and edit any well log data values with our non linear adaptive contrasty colors technology tabular display view. Identify trends and curve magnitudes easily.

The figure below shows the GeolOil exclusive adaptive colors table viewer

GeolOil tabular view of LAS well log curves data values.

GeolOil stratigraphy panel allows to define and color shade stratigraphic and sedimentary data like formations, members, beds, markers, facies, flow units, and vertical layering layout easily. Completed well intervals can be also defined.

The figure below shows the GeolOil stratigraphy panel

GeolOil stratigraphy definition tab.

Once you define what tracks you want, select the curves that goes into them, to get a pristine quality display plot. You can apply threshold fillings to highlight sand beds, shale bodies, pay zones, and curve crossings like neutron and density porosity to identify gas pockets.

The figure below shows a log plot with stratigraphy and core data.

GeolOil plot a LAS log file.

Our LAS well logs module comes in two editions: The full features LAS file plotter; and the LAS plotter bundled with our unique and powerful upscaling module that allows to upscale water saturation, porosity, compute net-pay, and more.

Features of LAS well logs module editions

No. LAS log Feature LAS Editor LAS Plotter Functions & Upscaling
1. Edit LAS files Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
2. Re-sample LAS files resolution Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
3. Merge LAS files and curves Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
4. Table view with color scale values Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
5. GLS Petrophysics Scripting Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
6. Define Tracks with curves - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
7. Define well stratigraphy - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
8. Display log curves and fillings - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
9. Export raster curves display - Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
10. Sequential Petrophysical Functions - - Yes checkmark
11. Porosity and Water Sat. Upscaling - - Yes checkmark
12. NetPay, NetSand, Hydroc. column - - Yes checkmark
13. Rw by Hingle method - - Yes checkmark
14. Cementation m by GeolOil method - - Yes checkmark

Want to learn more?, check out our tutorials. Want to test and try the software before buy?, download an evaluation license.

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